I'm Having A B...

But First, How are you doing?

Its the first weekend in October,
Fist weekend of the last Quarter in 2021!
Mercury is in Retrograde and the USPS has announced changes that will affect Holiday Deliveries!
So how are you doing!

That’s right before we get into that and what I’m up to I’d really like to know how you’re doing. There is a lot of info to share and updates in future emails but I really want to encourage you a deep breath and exhale! You have another day to celebrate, to love, to make amends to LIVE!

Now for those Holiday Details!

We have a Telegram Channel and will beginning livestreaming and popups soon!
We’ve really been busy working on new product and workshops! Keeping up with a mailing list and social post , well its tough! as we near the Holidays we do want to pass our savings to you! but note we do not control when these manufacturing deals become available! They are also for short time frames. So please grab them whenever you see them.

These are all limited edition artwork! So the likely hood of someone else having or gifting the same thing is low! We are making sure all can be available to 5X! And when possible that the long dresses come in 3 lengths- Short 51", Regular 54", Tall 57".

Check Latest Promotions

"SANDRIA" - Is a versatile Mini Length Shirt Dress with rolled tabbed sleeves

"MAXINE" - Is a Sleeveless A-line Maxi Dress -

"ANYA" - Is a Sleeveless elegant slim line maxi

"SHARON" Empire waist full length dress

  • save 30% till 6pm EST Sunday 3rd October, 2021

Buy Early and Give a Gift That Will Change Lives! Our suppliers are currently giving us huge discounts to encourage early offers to combat the global fulfillment issues! If you check our site you will see those offers reflected in our current pricings! So starting Saturday 2nd October we’ll be passing on our early order savings to you when you Pre-order! We’ll even throw in FREE shipping! I spent the last year and a half developing and testing workshops that will help artist earn! We decided to put those items on Home and Apparel Fashions and make them available.


The goal eventually is to bring manufacturing and printing locally so as to help even more people earn. That is my main focus now! Order now and you will have these items in hand by the beginning of December! Prices can change within 24-48 hours so Grab them when you see them or join our Members only TELEGRAM list for updates

So here’s even more reason why this year you need to place holiday orders early!

I’m Having A Business Shower!

Yes we’re starting a new business! After years and month of hosting projects and developing our programs, my creative partner and I are giving birth to a Business! We’ll be open about the details and give out more info in future emails! If you want the 411, we’ll be having a “Business Reveal” at the launch of our “Business Shower” and you are invited! Just RSVP here

What the Hell is a “Business Shower” and how do I throw one?

Well we’re actually open to answering this and other questions on how we help build local businesses on our Telegram Channel

About Business Showers on Telegram

So What Are You Celebrating Observing This Month?

There are National & International Days Weeks and yes Monthly Observances! In fact the 31 days of this month have been officially dedicated to over 100 special (and some very worthy) Monthly commemorations including …

each has information and resources or opportunities to help others! I realized there really no excuse for me to say “I’m Bored”. In the least you can Click Thru to learn about these and other monthly observations