NYC NEED a Mask or Two

Folks in New York and other states Must Wear a Mask in Public

How are you doing! I love the simulations f the available mask patterns! These mask are available only while supplies last. Use code #Fllattenthecurve at checkout for 15% off

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  • Do not Re-use you N95… you cannot “see” contamination…

  • Choose PRE- SHRUNK 100% Cotton WEAVE for main shell and lining- (knits stretch when wet and “holes’ that allow for more transfer.

  • Mask should fit flat under chin, above nose and at the sides

  • 2 layers if you are covering you N95 or K95 to extend their use life…

  • 3 layers (one a pocket ) so you can add disposable filter

  • Dispose of filter and disposable mask safely after each use!

  • Change mask every 2 hrs or if contaminated mask, change mask that has collected moisture from your speaking.

  • Speak into you mask! The purpose is to protect others from your projectile!

  • Do not hold the outside of your mask… handle by straps

  • Do not reverse mask…

A well made mask cost about $10-15 to produce, supplies stores are closed so sourcing and shipping is high. Makers are also taking extra care to preshrink by washing, sanitizing during making and before delivery … this is slow manufacturing at best!

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We have added a pocket with side openings as a mask pattern offering!


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